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Vaccines for Travelers

who-international-certificate-of-vaccination-quito-ecuadorWe the International Certificate Endorsed by WHO (World Health Organization), which is a prerequisite for travel to certain countries.Within the country or abroad, for business or pleasure, when you travel, likely to be in contact with germs you might not find at home. Many of those germs can cause serious diseases.

If you get any of these diseases, the return of your trip, you can transmit them to their relatives or colleagues if they have not been exposed directly.

Also, when traveling, you may be sick (sometimes unknowingly) and carry an infection in their country of origin to the country where he travels. For this reason it is common in certain countries consulates, have a requirement for visa grant some diseases vaccination or chemoprophylaxis of malaria.

To reduce the risk should follow general recommendations and check the most appropriate prevention measures, including vaccines are different depending on the destination of your trip. Vaccination has the purpose to prevent the traveler to get the disease in the travel destination, as well as prevent diseases enter the destination country.

It is important to get advice on vaccination before any vaccinations. In PREVEMEDIC accounts with a multidisciplinary group of health professionals in counseling and administration of vaccines.

Get ready before the trip
General prevention measures

It is very important to always is risk in all travel destinations regardless of the time you will be in each of them, including sites that will pass.

If you leave the country, check flight schedules and contact the consulates of the countries where travel to verify the legal requirements and comply with the required documentation. Make sure you know if the countries you plan to visit have special health rules for visitors.

Take care during the voyage

General prevention measures

The food and water in developing countries may not be as clean as at home. They may contain bacteria, viruses or parasites that could make you sick.

Do not eat fruits and vegetables that you have not peeled yourself, meat or shellfish or undercooked, unpasteurized dairy products or any food purchased from a street vendor. Nor drink tap water, drinks or ice made with water or unpasteurized pocedencia doubtful.

Food and water are generally safe include boiled foods, fruits you peel yourself, bottled drinks (especially carbonated), coffee or hot tea, beer, wine and water that you have been boiled. If you can not boil your water, you can filter and treat it with iodine or chlorine, but this will not be as effective as boiling.

Specific measures of prevention

If you started chemoprophylaxis for malaria before departure, during the journey should continue taking the medication.

If your stay is long, make sure you receive the necessary reinforcements if required vaccines.

Watch over after the trip
General prevention measures.

On his return from trip can transmit diseases to your family if you are in the incubation period or has not fully recovered from infections acquired during it.

If you had any health problems during the trip, go to an appointment with your doctor for a checkup and determine the need for other preventive or treatment for you and your family.

Specific measures of prevention

Remember to terminate chemoprophylaxis against malaria (malaria) or complete incomplete vaccination schedules.

This is the vaccination for travelers



Recommendation and / or drawing


Yellow fever

> 1 Year One (1) booster dose every 10 years to 60 years

1 dose + booster

Hepatitis A + Typhoid

> 16 years, One (1) booster dose at 3 years

1 dose + booster


> 6 months, One (1) dose up to 55 years. Traveling to areas of risk

1 dose 

MMR (Mumps, Rubella and Measles)

>  6 months, One (1) dose up to 55 years. Traveling to areas of risk

2 doses 


Annually updated strain

1 dose 



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